Beasley Bamboo Rods
Jim H. Beasley Jr. Maker

There are several Payne tapers that I make. I make the 96, which is a three piece rod for a 3 or 4 wt. line and is 6 1/2' long. I also make the 97, 98 and 100 tapers and the Payne Canoe Rod which is a 3 piece 7 weight rod.

In Paul Young tapers, I make the Perfectionist, Driggs, Midge, Martha Marie and
Para 15.

In Dickerson tapers, I have made about 20 of the 8013 taper. That is the only Dickerson taper that I have made.

In Leonard tapers, I have made about 25 of the 50 DF tournament tapers, a 3 piece rod for a 5 wt. line. I have made most of the in natural cane that has not been flame treated, but I have made a couple of the Hunt series rods that are much darker.   I have made 2 or 3 Leonard 38 taper rods.

In Garrison tapers, I have made all of the 7 footers, the 7' 9" and the 8 footer for a 6 wt. line.  The 8 foot 212 is not one of my favorite rods and I don't ever want to make another of them. I just don't like the way my version of this rod casts. The 7 foot rods for 5 wt. lines are very nice, the 201 and 204 have turned out well for me.

I have made the 8 foot 3 pc. 4 wt. based on a Granger taper that Walt Carpenter was kind enough to send me. The fellow that bought it has already caught 200 trout on it and loves the way it casts.

I enjoy trying tapers that I have never built before, especially if I have cast one of the rods it is based upon and I like the way it casts.  If I don't like to cast it myself, I find it very difficult to get down to business of making one for someone else who thinks they might like it (when I'm sure they probably won't).

I have made rods for bonefishing and salmon fishing, but I don't like to do it. My personal belief if that a graphite rod is superior in 8 wt. and above, especially if you have to make many hundreds of blind casts as you have to do on the Maramichi.

The only rod taper that I have made of 8 1/2 ft. is the Payne Canoe Taper. I have made about a half dozen of them and they cast very well and don't seem too heavy in hand.

I have made a few rods based on Winston tapers in 8 ft and 8 1/2ft., but they felt very heavy in hand and top heavy to boot.  I only made one of each and determined that I didn't want to make them anymore. I did make one Gillum taper in a 3 pc. configuration for a 7 wt. line. It was 9 ft. in length. It cast well, but about 30 minutes of casting and fishing with it and you would be ready for a rest!

I hope this gives you some idea of the rods I make. I do finish some rods in light colored cane, such as the Garrison and Dickerson tapers, and some flamed to a fairly dark finish. The ferrules that I use come from Bailey wood, as do most of my cap and ring reel seats.   For the Aluminum Down-locking seats that are used on some of the Young tapers, I use a Struble D -1 and make my own cork fillers. For nickel silver up-locking seats and down-locking seats, I use Bellinger products.  For some rods, like a deluxe midge, I make a black walnut butt piece and a walnut cork check along with a cork filler and nickel silver rings.  Almost all of my rods are finished with tung oil varnish, ValSpar 10.  If someone requests a polyeurathane finish, I use Min Helmsman.  On a few rods, I have used a half dozen coats of tung oil sealer and then carnauba wax. It makes a good semigloss finish, especially good because it is much lighter than 2 or 3 coats of varnish. 

Jim Beasley

2006 Prices       2 Pc     $1250.00          3 Pc    $1395.00

7' 9" is a "5 - Strip"

7' 6" is the "Perfectionist"

7' 2" is the "Driggs"


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