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The original “Taupo” Perfect fly reel was introduced in 1958 to fill the need for a larger capacity trout reel to handle the legendary monster Rainbows and Browns of New Zealand. Despite a relatively short production life of only four years, the “Taupo” was eagerly sought after as a Steelhead, Light Salmon, and large Trout reel. Continued demand for this classic reel inspired Hardy to reintroduce the “Taupo” for 2011. While all the dimensions and aesthetics are true to the original, we have made a couple of improvements. The new “Taupo” is machined from solid bar stock aluminum and hard anodized for strength and durability.

This construction also does awaywith the need for a line guard, which was anoption on the 1958 – 1962 reels. The check mechanism has been changed from the MK II to the more modern Lightweight style, which enables the angler to change from Left to Right hand retrieve at will. While maintaining the looks, feel, and spirit of it ancestor, the new “Taupo” is a stronger and more functional successor a Hardy classic. The “Taupo”; the Perfect reel for Switch, Light Spey, Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead.


Reel Specs

Diameter: 3 7/8"

Width of Spool: 1"

Overall Width: 1 1/2"

Depth of Spool, cross bar to spindle: 1 1/2"

Weight: 7 1/2 OZ

Reel Retail Price: $695

Hardy Reel Bag Harking back to the old “Selvyt” cloth reel bag, we are now offering a modern version of this classic way to carry and store your valued reels. This sturdy twill bag with brushed flannel liner protects your reel from scratches and dings in a style that modern cases just can’t match. Reel Bag: $14.95

1: The Perfect in it's various forms was in regular production from 1890 through 1966, with a few reels produced in the late 1970's through the mid '80's.  There were also some special and limited editions produced in the 1990's.

2: The retail prices and sizes are as follows;  2 5/8", $900  2 7/8", $950  3 1/8" $1000.

All are available in either Left or Right Hand Wind and are NOT convertible.  The 25/8" holds a 2 or 3 wt, the 2 7/8" is ideal for a 3 or 4 wt and the 3 1/8" will hold a 5 or 6 wt.  (Scroll down)

3: The reels are machined and hand finished in Alnwick (pronounced "Annick") England of 6061 barstock aluminum.  The originals were made of aluminum castings that were then machined to final tolerances.  The modern barstock construction enables us to make a stronger and slightly lighter reel than the original.  Other materials are faithfull to past construction and include nickel silver, Naval brass, distinctive "Ivorine" handle, and traditional natural agate in the line guard. The finish is grey anodized.  These are truly the most durable and perfect "Perfects" ever!



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