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FOUR DIFFERENT SETS OF CLASSIC WET FLIES TIED BY DON BASTIAN, COGAN STATION, PA. Patterns vary, all come with signed card. Your choice $20. each box.
TED GODFREY SALMON FLY DRESSER - MD, PATTERN - "THE RED WING", Tied on size 2 hook. Ted's flies are kind of rare. $50.
ATLANTIC HAIRWING FLIES, TIED BY DONNY BIRD - St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Pattern, "Cullman's Choice". Tied on Size 2 hook. $25. each.
ATLANTIC SALMON FLIES BY PROFESSIONAL TYER, BOB ANT, 1-Full dressed Classic on 1 card - Green Highlander, and 6 Featherwings with card. All in excellent condition. Group of 7 - $90.
PAUL M. MORRISSEY FLY TYER, Selection of 12 Atlantic Salmon flies with signed card in box. $60.
HAIR WING SALMON FLIES TIED BY CHARLIE KROM, Size 6 & 8 hooks. Patterns are as follows: 1.) Night Hawk - reduced 2.) Copper Killer 3.) Green Highlander - reduced 4.) Blue Goblin Come on signed card. $35.
KEITH FULSHER FLY TYER, NY HAIR WING SALMON FLY on card. Pattern 1.) Blue Saphire 2.) Thunder Creek . Streamer Pattern $35. each
TED KANTNER, TYER, PA FULL DRESSED ATLANTIC SALMON FLIES, Dressed by Ted. All gut eyed on 4/0 antique.hooks. All salmon flies are: 1.) Rainbow 2.) Captain 3.) Spirit Fly 4.) Orange Gray 5.) Stevenson 6.) Red Rover 7.) Bo-peep 8.) Silver Doctor 9.) Helmsdale Doctor $75. each.
ASSORTMENT OF 12 SALTWATER FLIES, tied by Dick Talleur, various patterns. All in excellent condition. Flies comes in Dick's marked box with card. $100.


FRAMED SHADOW BOX OF 23 MEGAN BOYD HAIRWING SALMON FLIES. This belongs to Ron Alcott. Megan tied these flies for Ron on a visit he made in 1985. All are in new unused condition. Comes with photo and card signed by Megan. $3500.


ATLANTIC SALMON FLIES TIED BY JACK MLYN OF NEW YORK, Jack ran a fly shop in New York City called the "Manhattan Custom Tackle, L.T.D.". He was an excellent salmon fly tyer. I offer two of his full dressed Classics. 1.) Mar Lodge and 2.) Silver Ranger. Tied on 4/0 hooks, gut eyed and mounted in a shadow box which measures 9" x 11' Walnut frame. Very nicely done. He was an excellent tyer. Circa. 1995. $200.


ENGLISH SALMON FLY RESORVOIR,Comes with 5 lift out trays. Box measures 10 3/4" x 7" x 3 3/4". Black painted finish. Flies are in excellent condition. Mostly single hooks, some doubles. All are Full Dressed Classics, some gut eyed. No moth damage. A really nice chest full of Salmon flies, 300 in all. Box is in excellent condition. $1000.


ENGLISH SALMON FLY RESORVOIR, Measures 10 1/2" x 8 1/4" x 3 1/2" deep, Comes with 5 lift out trays full of Salmon flies. Some gut eyed, some not. Some doubles, mostly single hooks. Most Full Dressed Feather Wing, some Hair Wing. Box comes with lock and keys. Leather H.D. carry strap. Box is in very good condition. $800.


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