Fisherman's Bag


HARDY BROS. L.T.D. - ENGLAND, FACTORY SHOW FOR TACKLE SHOP, Measures 18" x 24". Stamped 1986. Blue painted finish. Sign is finished the same on both sides. Have 2 in very good condition. $100.each
UNMARKED ROUND FOLDING TROUT NET, Extends 48" long. Bag 23" deep. Folded 19" long. In very good condition. $60.
ORVIS BAG, made of heavy canvas material with leather bottom with hard rubber wheels. Leather base meausures 13" x 12". Bag is 22" wide x 4' high. "Orvis" marked leather handle. Inside is a flap, made of foam with nylon outer cover to protect your golf clubs. Brass name plate to personalize with your initials. $90.


SAGE ROD CO. - WA CUSTOM ALUMINUM ROD TUBE. Measures 34" long, will take 3 piece rods up to 8' long or 4 piece to 10 1/2'. Diameter 1 7/8". Very nicely made. Easily removable cap. Tube is in new unused condition. $75.


ASSORTMENT OF AGATE GUIDES - TIP TOPS, STRIPPER, TUNNEL. Sizes vary from 11mm - 14mm in stripper guides. Measured from outer ring, all have nickel silver frames. Different colored agates. Frames differ on guides. Tunnel are in 3 sizes, 7.9 - 10. - 11.35 mm. All guides $15. each.$10. each in set of 5.


HOLLAND LEATHER REEL CASE, Made in U. S.A. Measures 4 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 3" deep. Takes reels to 3 7/8". Perfect size. Case is in very good condition. $100.


BILLINGHAM CARRY ALL GEAR BAG, Made in England. Measures 16" x 12" x 6". Made of canvas and leather, a very high quality bag. Nicely trimmed in leather. Two outer pockets and one large rear zippered compartment. Inside has removable inner compartment. One of the nicest gear bags I've ever had to offer. In excellent , like new condition. $300.


SAGE ROD CO. - WASH. SAGE FACTORY MARKED ALUMINUM ROD CASE. Measures 45 1/2" long. Inside is 2 1/4" x 2 1/4". Comes with adjustable carrying strap. Rod case is in new unused condition. $75.


UNMARKED WOODEN TROUT NET,Measures 20 1/2" x 8 1/4" the net bag is 18" deep. Oak frame and Walnut handle. In new unused condition. $35.


GRAY'S SPORTING WOODS - MAKERS, CO - TRAVEL FLY TYING KIT. MODEL "SQUIRE", Comes in drop down lid style. Measures 17 1/2" x 13" and 5 1/4" deep. Two lift out trays. Vise with case is a Renezetti Presentation Series. Chest comes with all the tools and clamp table and an assortment of tying material. Everything is in excellent condition. Complete $350.


BRODIN NET CO. - MAKERS, MO TROUT NET, Measures 18 1/2" x 6 1/2". Net bag 16" deep. made of Walnut and Oak. In excellent condition. $60.


PLANO GUIDE SERIES LURE AND GEAR BAG. Measures 17" x 12" x 10". Main compartment has 4 pull out lure boxes. Also has several gear outside compartments. In used condition. $35.


FISHPOND GEAR BAG. Measures 15" x 11" x 11". Many compartments and it appears unused. Very nice tackle bag! $100.


RISING STREAMSIDE KIT, Comes with small size needle nose pliers and cutter. Hook disgorger. Comes packed in black holster that clips to belt. New, unused set. $40.


HARDY BROS. L.T.D. - ENGLAND, CUSTOM LEATHER ROD CASE. Takes 3 piece rods to 8'. Case measures 33 1/2" long. Carry handle. Rich dark brown leather finish with factory strap. Excellent condition. $160.


ABEL CUSTON ROD TRAVEL CASE.Takes rods 4piece to 8' long. Measures 26" long x 3 1/2" . Carry handle or shoulder strap. Appears unused. $55.


TINY UNMARKED TROUT NET, Made of Maple, Handle frame Walnut and Oak. Measures 14 1/2" x 6", net bag 6" deep. Appears in unused condition. Great Brookie net! $60.


BRODIN NET CO. - MAKERS, MO, Measures 22" x 10 1/2". Bag is 18" deep. Handle is Walnut with frame of Oak and Walnut. Net appears unused. $60.


ORVIS CO. MANCHESTER, VT Measures 19" x 7". Net bag 18" deep. Triple laminated bamboo and walnut frame. New, excellent condition. $50.


PATAGONIA MEN'S WADING BOOTS, SIZE 12, Only used once. In very good condition. These boots regularly retail at $279. High quality boots - $150.


PATAGONIA MEN'S WADERS WITH ZIPPER FRONT, SIZE LARGE, Only used once. In very good condition. These waders retail at $600. High quality waders, - $350.


PATAGONIA MEN'S GOOSE DOWN FILLED JACKET, SIZE LARGE, Navy blue, New condition with tags. Regularly retails for $699. Our price $350.


PATAGONIA MEN'S RAIN JACKET, FORGE GRAY, MEN'S LARGE, New condition, with tags. Regularly retails for $399. Our price $195.


HODGMAN'S WOMAN'S RAINCOAT, SIZE MEDIUM, New Condition with tags. Regularly retails for $229.95 Our price $150.


BROTHERHOOD OF THE JUNGLE COCK PINS, SET OF 6, Years 1985,1987,1989,1991,1995,1996. Marked, "Organized June 22, 1984, Organized Maryland, 1940. MICHIGAN, Grayling, Michigan". Made of metal, stamped, "The book of Pins" and their corresponding date. Set of 6 - $26.


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