Fisherman's Bag


HARDY BROS. L.T.D. - ENGLAND, FACTORY SHOW FOR TACKLE SHOP, Measures 18" x 24". Stamped 1986. Blue painted finish. Sign is finished the same on both sides. Have 2 in very good condition. $100.each


SAGE ROD CO. - WA CUSTOM ALUMINUM ROD TUBE. Measures 34" long, will take 3 piece rods up to 8' long or 4 piece to 10 1/2'. Diameter 1 7/8". Very nicely made. Easily removable cap. Tube is in new unused condition. $75.
GUDEBROD BROS. SILK CO. - PA FULL BOX OF 6/0 BLACK SILK ROD WINDING THREAD. Measures 5 1/2" x 3 3/8" x 1. All spools are unused. Box is in excellent condition. $100. Reduced to $75.


CUSTOM MADE TROUT NET BY ANDY'S OUTFITTERS, ARGENTINA, Measures 21" long, 8" wide, Nylon net is 16" deep.Comes with magnetic net release. Triple laminated, in new condition. $125.


HARDY BROS. L.T.D. - MAKERS, ALNWICK, ENGLAND, SMOKER, Measures 16" x 9 1/2' x 5". Red and black baked enameled finish.Side carry handles. Contains bottom part with cover. wind shield, fuel container and smoke grill. Sample bag of smoke dust is included. Comes stored in labeled box. From the 1970's. In new, unused condition. Comes with original paperwork. Perfect item for your next camping trip! Rare, hard to find item. $200. Reduced to $150.
HARDY GIRL POSTER, Have a few of the original ones left. $35. SOLD

OUTDOOR TRAVEL THERMOS, STAINLESS STEEL with insulated cover with carrying handle and strap, cover made of canvas and leather, labeled "Exclusive, The Nature Company, The Naturalist", Measures 12", and 4" diameter. $50.

VEST POCKET FLASK,Stainless steel 8 oz. "Brown Trout" Model Stamped on back, "Montana Fly Co., Missoula MT". Appears in new, unused condition. $35.

HARDY BROS. SPECIAL LTD. EDITION LICENSE PLATE 20 1/2" long, 4 1/2" wide, New in wrapper. $50.


MUSTAD & SON SAMPLE CARD, Made in Norway. Measures 6" x 4". Various hook sizes from #2 - 20. $15.

THREE MUSTAD HOOK SAMPLE CARDS,Measures 8" x 5". All are "blind eye" styled hooks. In excellent condition. $50. for all 3.

DIETRICH BROS. - MAKERS, PA LEATHER ROD TUBE CARRIER BAG, Measures 38" long x 10' wide and will carry 4 - 3pc 9' rods.Leather carry strap, brass hardware. In very good condition. Stamped, "Dietrich Bros." on flap. Rods in picture not included! $295.REDUCED $195.

FRAMED PRINT FROM WM. MILLS OF THEIR SERIES OF WET FLIES, with 2 samples of hand-tied wet flies mounted under the ad. One's a March Brown and the other a Blue Dunn. 9" X 11" Oak frame. $25.
CUSTOM BUILT BROOK TROUT NET BY ART LECLAIR, CT. Measures overall length 16", Net 10" x 5". 8" deep bag. Triple laminated Oak with Walnut handle. In excellent condition. $200.
BRODIN NET CO. - MAKERS, TROUT NET, Measures overall 20 1/2", Net 8 1/2" x 13 1/4", Net is 18" deep. Triple laminated frame.with Bird's Eye Maple wooden handle. $70.